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This simulation of the Coulomb's Law Experiment gives the student the opportunity to collect data for an experiment which is very difficult to do in the laboratory.

Experiment B allows the student to change charge on the spheres and measure the force which results while the distance remains constant. The information is then graphed and a linear function results showing that the Force is directly proportional to the Charge when the distance remains constant.

In Experiment A the Distance is changed and the Force is measured while the Charge remains constant. The student then graphs the results which show that the Force is inversely proportional to the distance. A Log Force vs Log Distance graph produces a linear function in the form

                    Log F = m Log d +b where m is the slope.

The student is asked to calculate the slope which yields a value of 2. Hence the student finds that Force is inversely proportional to the Distance squared.

References to Coulomb's Experiment and the needed graph papers are given. The student can obtain the required graph paper on line without cost.
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